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Dear prospective customers of the RECOSOIL recycling system, with the founding of our company in 1996 we set ourselves a challenging and important goal: To create a recycling system consisting of brush-pressure-cloth washing plants for polluted solvent-water mixtures found in the printing industry which saves money and preserves the environment.
We have always been convinced that there must be high-quality recycling procedures for the printing industry which are at the same time cheaper than the conventional disposal
and buying the material new. You will find an example of the achievable cost savings thanks to the Recosoil recycling system by checking the link “eco balance”.
Today we are proud to be able to say that there is such a procedure: the Recosoil recycling system. In close collaboration with our customers from the printing industry we
have achieved astonishing recycling results.

Challenge us! You will save money and help to preserve the environment.