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Dear prospective customer of the RECOSOILrecycling of system. Since its founding in 1996, the Recosoil Recycling GmbH deals with the recycling of polluted liquid substances by using membrane technology, primarily for the recycling of solvent-water mixtures produced by brushpressure-cloth washing plants in the printing industry.

The newest recycling successes are found in state time extension in developing baths which lead to substantial cost reductions. Our position: Spare resources and finances
with efficient environmental technologies! Since the end of our mobile production RECOSOIL is split in two locations.
Thanks to modern communication technology, sales, order processing and administration is located in Überlingen at the Lake of Constance, while production, logistics and quality control is carried out by our production partner SÜDÖL in Eislingen.

Five employees and the background of a major “medium-sized business” are ready for the processing of your contaminated liquid media to deliver the best recycling results. Wellknown references will confirm with pleasure the successful use of our recycled media.

Due to the fact that creativity, exceptionalitycial and reward are ranked highly in our company philosophy, we like to reward our customers who have dared to leave the beaten
tracks to decide for future-oriented technologies. We therefore regularly give out the “Recosoil environment award” to our customers.