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The RECOSOIL recycling system orientates itself on nature and hence it works according to the principle of the natural membrane, just like the one every human being carries himself.

Naturally, RECOSOIL recycling has to deal with quite different and more complex substances.

These are problem materials like resins, binding agents, oils, pigments and similar materials which are present in the solvent after the washing process.

Precisely these components clog up a filter very quickly.

Hence it was a complex task for RECOSOIL Recycling to find filter materials which on the one hand have long durability and on the other hand can be cleaned without the filter
themselves turning into hazardous waste (as is often the case).

To leave nothing to chance and for the solvent to again achieve the high standard that is demanded of highly technical pressure machines today, we put our solvents to a comparative test between the original product and the recycled substance. After laborious procedures we achieved completely satisfying results. The Material Test Institution (EMPA) in St. Gallen tested the solvents in complex procedures and reached positive results throughout.

Based on these results we have created a similar analytic test system which allows us to examine your recycled solvents constantly and qualitatively for your safety.